This sample library combines popular percussion instruments from multiple continents. Recorded in a large room, with a stereo pair of Schoeps MK4s, the 385 samples included in this pack are of the highest quality. The samples have been played by Angus Roberts-Carey (founder of ARC Samples), who has 15 years experience playing percussion from different cultures- including being a core member of the Izakuchi Taiko Group.


  • For Kontakt 5.8 (full library must be owned).
  • 385 Samples
  • 5 Round Robins
  • 13 velocities, for true dynamic control.
  • Filter and Reverb parameters available.



  • Odaiko Hits (Low Taiko)
  • Odaiko Body Clicks
  • Odaiko Flams
  • Odaiko Rim Clicks
  • Pipe Drum (Low Bass Drum)
  • Nagado Hits (Mid Taiko)
  • Nagado Body Clicks
  • Nagado Flams
  • Nagado Rim Clicks
  • Shime Hits (High Taiko)
  • Shime Clicks
  • Shime Flams


  • Djemba High (Hand)
  • Djemba Side High (Hand)
  • Djemba Low (Hand)
  • Djemba Low Centre (Hand)
  • Djemba Side Low (Hand)
  • Djemba Low (Soft Mallet)
  • Djemba Side Mid (Hand)
  • Djemba Mid Centre (Hand)


  • Cabassa
  • Conga High (Hand)
  • Conga High (Soft Mallet)
  • Conga High (Stick)
  • Conga Low (Hand)
  • Conga Low (Soft Mallet)
  • Conga Low (Stick)
  • Cowbell High
  • Cowbell Low



Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 23.59.47.png

Posted by:Angus Roberts-Carey

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