All sample libraries are for full Kontakt version 5.8 +. Do not purchase if your system is not up-to-date or you do not own the full version of Kontakt . Due to the manual distribution methods, please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of products.

Thank you for your custom. 

ARC Samples Pack

The Summer Collection includes: Indian Harmonium, String Textures, and Bowed Marimba.



ARC: Bowed Marimba

ARC: Bowed Marimba full Kontakt patch.


View: Bowed Marimba Demo


ARC: String Textures

Full Kontakt patch with updated user interface.


View: String Textures Walkthrough


ARC: Indian Harmonium

Full Kontakt patch with bespoke graphic user interface.


View: Indian Harmonium Walkthrough

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