Angus was classically trained from a young age, becoming one of the youngest members of the nationally renowned Birmingham School’s Concert Orchestra. He played percussion in the ensemble for 7 years, receiving expert tutorship from Maggie Cotton (first UK female percussionist in a professional orchestra- The CBSO) and Jason Huxtable (Birmingham Conservatoire Percussion tutor, Maraca2, World Percussion Group). In his sixth form college years, Angus also became the first seat drummer in the Birmingham School’s Jazz Ensemble, as well as forming a Jazz and Funk group with the elite musicians at his school.

Unsure about the direction of his music career, at the age of 18, Angus decided to take a big step and move long distance to Falmouth University, reading Creative Music Technology BA (Hons). In his first year he studied in great depth; studio craft (recording, mixing, and mastering) as well as sound design. After experimenting in different projects, such as punk and rock bands, and ambient music, Angus decided that his true passion was composition. In second year he studied composition in modules that focused on the technological side of modern composition, and also music for moving image.

In his final year, Angus specialised in composition, receiving the highest grades in all his professional composition modules, and was one of the youngest of a handful of music students to graduate from Falmouth University in 2018 with First Class Honours.

In the summer of 2018, he launched his Sampling Project- ARC Samples, as an independent  and unique way of sharing his music with the world.

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